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Our products are designed to assist horses in developing sound healthy hooves.

Proper Form Creates Proper Function
Proper Function Creates Proper Form.

Equicast and our line of therapeutic shoes treats a verity of hoof problems like laminitis, (founder) white line disease, thrush and navicular disease. In addition our proven system treats many poor hoof quality problems that often lead to bigger problems like, broken coffin bones, long toe-low heel syndrome, and many other lameness issues. Our line of EVA Leather Therapeutic Shoes, The EVA Wood Therapeutic Shoes, and/or Dr. Mike Steward's Wooden Therapeutic Shoes along with Equicast and our proven therapeutic rehabilitation program produces healthy and sound horses. Equicast and our line of Therapeutic Shoes are solutions that produce sound horses and make you look good.

If following our proven system along with our therapeutic shoes does not give you the results we clearly state here on our website we will refund the cost of materials and shipping.




These unique EVA Sneakers provide support, shock absorption, and individual customization. They can be applied with traditional nails or other methods. The horses can continue their training regime while developing a better hoof. Click here to take a look at the EVA Sneakers page for more information.

Jumping in the EVA Sneakers

EVA Leather Therapeutic Shoes

Mark AikeTreatment for Bad hoovesns, FdSc BSc (Hons) DipWCF from the UK describes why he uses the EVA Leather Therapeutic Shoes and Equicast. I've used EVA/leather clogs on about a dozen laminitic horses since spring of this year, the purpose and rationale behind this method resulted in immediate improvement in pain levels in all cases, the application is low impact mitigating discomfort to the horse whilst being fitted. The full roller motion design of the shoe decreased moment arm forces to the damaged lamellar interface, turning increases torque forces to the wall quarters by 40%, the additional EVA allows selective stabilization enhancing concussion absorption therefore reducing pain by allowing the patient to maximize the comfort of biomechanics whilst dampening the high frequencies of impact. Applying a hoof cast to the exterior of the hoof wall creates a continuation of the hoof capsule, decreasing its mode of elasticity and increasing its volume reducing the biomechanical induced principal strain.


Hoof Abscessequicast support tape

Cloven Hoof


The value of looking through casts to check for proper coffin bone alignment during a shoeing cycle can reveal valuable information. The time to check on the alignment during the shoeing cycle can be anytime during the cycle as long as the time is noted. The reason for radiography is...Story continued here

Cloven Hoof

I would like to share my experience with the amazing Equicast products! My thirteen year old Paint/Quarter Horse cross, Hildogo, had developed a crack in the center of his right front foot. My husband Ed, a Farrier, kept him shod but the crack kept going higher, causing intermittent lameness. We tried hoof staples to stabilize it but despite our efforts, the crack worsened. It now went all the way up to the coronet band.... Story Continued Here..