Cloven Hoof


I would like to share my experience with the amazing Equicast products! My thirteen year old Paint/Quarter Horse cross, Hildogo, had developed a crack in the center of his right front foot. My husband Ed, a Farrier, kept him shod but the crack kept going higher, causing intermittent lameness. We tried hoof staples to stabilize it but despite our efforts, the crack worsened. It now went all the way up to the coronet band.
One day as we worked on him, Ed placed his thumbs on either side of the crack and pressed. The hoof flexed independently on each side- his hoof was literally split in half! I cried as I didn’t see how Hildogo could live with a cloven hoof. I have owned him for almost ten years and he is my friend!
Hildogo is such a people-horse, friendly, calm and just an all, around good boy. I love trail-riding him and now my two oldest daughters were riding him as well. We didn’t know what else to do with him.
Ed then called his friend at Equine Specialty Hospital in Ohio, a Farrier whom Ed works with on special cases. He mentioned using a product called Equicast, that would stabilize the entire hoof capsule, something a shoe alone can’t do.
I do all of Ed’s scheduling for horseshoeing appointments so I also was the one to call Equicast. The phone was answered by a very pleasant man who actually turned off the machines in the shop to talk to me! After extensive explaining and patient question answering, I was finally feeling like there was hope! I ordered some clogs as well, since Hildogo needed all the help he could get. As soon as the casting material arrived, we eagerly applied it. The progress was slow, but each time we applied a new cast, the crack was a little more stabilized and growing down. The day that we had a half inch wide strip of healthy hoof below the hairline, we were so thrilled! That healing indicated that the hoof could actually grow normally with the right support material. As the crack improved, we began using the clogs in addition to the cast.

Now, about one year later, Hildogo has a healthy, whole hoof and can wear a regular shoe!! I can’t say enough about Equicast, not just the products they carry, but the people who run it. It is not often that the folks answering the phone also make the product and truly care about their customer’s horses! Ed uses the clogs more frequently all the time as well as the cast on foundered, laminitic, cracked or just plain sore horses. We know from personal experience, how much is “riding” on the success of the product we use and we have every confidence in it and the folks who make it.
Thank-you for curing Hildogo and so many others!!!! Happy trails!

Sincerely, Amy, Ed and Hildogo