EVA Sneakers

$59.95 Per Pair Free Shipping

Front View of the EVA Sneakers.

Nailed on EVA Sneakers.

 EVA Sneakers

Qualities include:

unique customization by the horse

shock absorption

 very light weight

they help to develop a strong healthy hoof

can be applied with traditional shoeing methods


EVA Sneakers can help horses with:

sore feet

long toe low heel syndrome




soft tissue injuries

and many other soundness problems

Side View of the EVA Sneakers.

Jumping In the EVA Sneakers.


This video demonstrates the comfort associated with the EVA Sneaker. Before the EVA Sneaker

this horse was very rigid in her way of going, and after the application of the EVA Sneaker she is

relaxed and utilizing her entire body.

Just 2 weeks after the EVA Sneaker was applied, this mare is Winning a Preliminary Level Derby Cross Competition.

Using traditional nails to apply the EVA Sneaker.

Leave the nail clinches out just a little bit, and that will help anchor the Equicast to begin the wrapping process.

Add the Impression Material to the outside of the back of the hoof only. DO NOT Place anything between the sole and the shoe.

Once the wrapping is complete you should not be able to see the white material on the shoe.

Then stretch wrap while the impression material cures, and once it is set REMOVE the plastic wrap and proceed to wrap with Equicast.

Stretch wrap the Equicast for a few minutes, once the Equicast is cured remove the plastic wrap and enjoy a happy horse!

This photo illustrates the malleability of the shoes by the horse, notice the sole support.

Another photo demonstrating the support of this shoe, after 6 weeks of wear.